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Memories from my 1st Solo Travel Experience

I’ve been taking a bit of a trip down memory lane recently, reading through old blog posts and Facebook pictures of the travels I’ve had over...

5 Reasons for Small Group Meetups

As someone who’s traveled around Europe, Southeast Asia and now Ecuador, I can say that travel is without a doubt fun, but it can get lonely sometimes....

Superman Vs. Traveler

Flying around the world, defying the pull of jet lag, sometimes travellers may feel like the mortal version of superman. It is true both...

To See Rio De Janeiro Through City Of God

Happening to be the second largest city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro welcomes us with the huge Christ the Redeemer Statue. Is it really...

GROWUP activity organized by our global partner AIESEC

We're all in a rush and have our own routines. The only thing that breaks our routines and transform them into unforgettable moments is the people we spend...


For those who have not heard about Urbansurf; it is an application with the aim of bringing together travelers under the same roof. ⠀ We...
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