A writer’s guide

Guide for writing SEO friendly content

We are here to help you write more SEO friendly content in case you are new to the concept, OR if you are already aware of SEO rule, this guide can be just a reminder for you. We are open to discuss your ideas.

Be an Urbansurf blog writer!

We share unique content in our blog. If you are interested in sharing your content in Urbansurf Blog, please make sure that you haven’t shared it somewhere else before.


Must: Use keyword once

Must: Under 60 characters

We prefer: Questions or/and number in the title

First Paragraph

Must: Use keyword once

We prefer: No more than three sentences

Paragraphs and sentences

  • Each paragraph should contain a maximum of 6 lines because it is hard to follow longer paragraphs on a computer or mobile phone screen.
  • Simple sentences are better to understand for non-native English speakers and to follow for digital readers.


  • We expect you to write a subtitle every other 300-word.
  • If possible, it is excellent to use the main keyword in a subtitle (not each).


  • Content (except for the main title) should contain a minimum of 300 words.
  • We prefer to have a minimum of 600 words per content.
  • If not necessary, do not include a phrase or a sentence. Shorter content is better than the unnecessary load of words.


  • We should use keywords (or key phrases) a few times throughout the content. The length of the content matters, considering how many times you will use the keyword. For example, for 300 words 2-3 times.


  • We use images while publishing the text. Please offer us your content-related images. For 300 words, 2-3 images are great: One as the main image and the other(s) to use within the text.
  • Image quality: 1200 * 630 pixels or higher quality
  • Image size: To optimize image size, we follow a two-step process:

First step:

Using Photoshop, resize the image following: click to “Save for web.” Resize the image to set the width as 1200 pixels.  You may need to lower the quality as %85.

Second step: Using https://resizeimage.net/, resize your images once more: Upload your image and go to the 7thstep. Choose “Normal compression” and lower the quality by up to 75%. Click to “Resize Image” and download your image. Now it is ready to be used in Urbansurf Blog.

  • No advertising is allowed on images. Please contact us if you are interested in using such images. If you are interested in mentioning your personal blog in your content, contact us to organize your writer profile.

We are here to help if you need a more detailed explanation. We have to inform you that in the case when your images are not compatible with our guide, we will change your images to improve our blog quality.

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