We are on the beginning of our journey with Urbansurf

We had a chance to bring together our new members from Colombia, Valeria and Juan with the rest of the team for the first time in Moda, Kadıköy. On a beautiful evening, sitting by the sea and enjoying the full moon we had a long talk about everything including Urbansurf.

Rozerin and Kübranur, our Turkish members, who have a month to spend with us now have two more friends.

Juan and Valeria will be with us for three months. They will be traveling around Turkey and helping us to carry Urbansurf a move forward.

We are on the beginning of our journey with Urbansurf and have long way to walk. The road is fun to walk with such a great team!

We hope to have a similar meeting with travelers and Urbansurf users one day.

Now, it is time for you to come and explore with Urbansurf.me

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