(English) About Us

[:en]Urbansurf is a mobile application that aims to improve the way people socialize with others. It is a bridge to help people connect in any city across the world and get advise from Urbaners or meet new people.

What can you do with Urbansurf?

Find an activity partner

There are events you are interested in, but no one accompanies you? Join activities with local people and other travelers for a unique experience.

Explore the city

Do you think the Internet is advising you all mainstream spots? Urbaners are here to guide you while exploring the hidden spots of the city.

Make new friendship

Is it hard to find like-minded people? Meet new people by joining Urbansurf activities and start long-term bonds.

Find activities

Are you new in the city or a traveler who want to join local events? There are people who are expecting other like-minded people to join them.

Our Story

When Serkan Pulat, who is the founder of Urbansurf, was in the US in 2015 for the first time, the idea of this friendly mobile app was born.

Urbansurf was initially inspired by Serkan’s personal needs for planning activities during his stay in the US. What other travelers and local people told about these needs has confirmed the idea of such an app.

He was interested in making the way people socialize with others more comfortable. In an era when digital devices interrupt our social life, he has imagined a digital tool that unites like-minded people in the physical world.

In the beginning, the app focused on small groups to ease organization and planning. Small groups with similar interest could meet easily and quickly through activities. In 2018, Urbansurf gained new features.

Solutions to common problems

It does not matter if you are a local who wants to show your town or someone who is looking to know more about a new place or a digital nomad looking for making your network bigger. Urbansurf is there for you and ready to help you connect with like-minded people.

There are several main problems that Urbansurf aims to solve in social life. Today, Urbansurf offers practical solutions and improves itself, considering the needs of the users. So what are the problems and solutions?

Problem 1: Busy life routines of this age separate us from our social life. It is hard to find a common free time with our friends. So what will we do if we have time and energy to go out, but all our friends are busy with their lives?

Solution 1: There are many activities opened by the other users that are waiting for you to join in Urbansurf. Check out the activities and find one that is close to your location and meet like-minded people.

Problem 2: You are interested in something that is not common with anyone you need or have a brand new hobby. You may want to meet people with the same interest.

Solution 2: You can open activities in Urbansurf and invite people to join you while enjoying your new interest. Ride a bike, do sports, paint pictures, taste wine, discuss a subject… whatever you want.

Problem 3: You are in a new city to travel or live for a while. You search on Google where to go, eat, and visit in this fantastic city. All the answers are full of cliché.

Solution 3: There are Urbaners who are ready to share their experience in the city. These city experts share the hidden spots that you should know. Find Urbaners in your town.

Problem 4: We know, once you are over 25, it is harder to find new friends than before. And it is healthy and fun to make new friendships.

Solution 4: Urbansurf is full of people who love to socialize with new friends. They are open to hearing new ideas, share the experience. Accept someone’s coffee offer and have life-long friends.

What is next?

Soon, Urbansurf will introduce “like-minded algorithm” to its users. Urbansurf will change ideas such as “Meeting new people can be difficult!” or “What if we do not have anything in common, and we do not like each other?” With the “like-minded algorithm,” Urbansurf will help you find new people with similar interests, hobbies, and personalities.

Here is what Serkan says for the future: “We want to bring this world closer together.”

If you are interested in sharing your story at Urbansurf, please contact us. Read more: How can we cooperate?[:]