(English) The Joy Of Traveling with Urbansurf


Do you consider yourself an adventurer? If so, Urbansurf is the application you are looking for. Because we know what you need to have fun when traveling.

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The Joy Of Traveling with Urbansurf

Your life is your story no matter what it includes, describes or shows. That story is a reflection of your personality. After the mobile device revolution, people started getting lonelier and lonelier each day. But now, we are here to change it… With the talents of your mobile phone and the facilities of our application, you can be a social traveler and start collecting and creating the best memories – traveling tales

What Should a Real Traveler Do?

If you want to say “I have explored the city I visited thoroughly” then getting a ticket is simply not enough. In more than 35 countries, Urbansurf will let you meet small groups of people and discover the “locals” with “others”. Urbansurf will not disappoint you because the number of attendants to an event will always be max. 5 and you can also see the profiles of the people you are going to meet and get an idea in advance about who they are. Urbansurf offers a “Memory Wall” on which people can share their experiences. These memories will also help you understand your common interests and relatively how much you’ll enjoy spending the day together once you meet other Urbansurfers.

Make Your Memories other people’s Memories too

On Urbansurf’s “Memory Wall”, you can share your memories with other travelers or read their memories. Writer Robert K. Cooper says; “From the beginning of history, human life and leadership have been centered on stories. The stories of our past, who we are today and what we may yet become. Telling stories and listening to other people’s stories shapes the meaning of our experiences and helps us awaken our hidden capacity.” Just how Robert K. Cooper says, Urbansurf knows the value of stories and how it can connect people.

“Go Out & Share!!!”

The best thing about traveling is not only the places you visit and the things you discover but also the people you meet and the things you do together. With the help of Urbansurf, you can find like-minded travelers and discover places together, making it a different type of experience combining, making friends and sharing traveling styles. Also meeting new people is good for your Mental Health.

All you need to do is to download the app on your mobile phone, update your profile and start sharing YOUR story with other “Urbansurfers”.

Based on recent research, the fear of traveling alone discourages people from buying tickets and leaving their home. Urbansurf, on the other hand, gives you the comfort of traveling and discovering together with those who are like-minded, who share the same kind of interests and are eager to experience something new with those that are within a radius of their location.

Now, it is time for you to come and explore with Urbansurf.

Urbansurf is a mobile social network bringing people sharing the same interests, hobbies, passion together in various activities and makes you social. You can download the application on Apple Store or Google Play.

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