Invest in Nature, Invest in Future – April 27 Arbor Day

Ağaç Dikme Günü

The awakenIng of nature heralds the arrIval of the sprIng…

But while we are enjoying the comfort of modern life, global warming and climate change are threatening our lovely world. Nature is going through a hard time while trying to prepare itself for spring.

The Earth needs us to provide our future generations with fresh air and colorful flowers of spring. Fortunately, we’re not too late yet! There are many things we can do!

One of them is to support the afforestation of the treeless areas all around the world on April 27 Arbor Day to give spring its power back.

Let’s embrace the nature on April 27 and plant our saplings together. Millions of eco-friendly people come together in certain areas on this special day to increase the green spaces and help the Earth breathe. Take action to create a lush green world for future generations, and give the soil a new sapling on the next April 27.

PS: We will share the areas to plant saplings soon on this page.

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