(English) Urbansurf is one of Etohum 2017 Startups. We are so grateful.


Urbansurf is one of Etohum 2017 Startups. We are so grateful. Thank you.

Urbansurf is an application through which travelers and locals may socialize in small groups and share their experiences. ~
I know that it sounds ridiculous when compared to other apps downloaded by millions,
Urbansurf has been downloaded by 1300 users so far. But we are growing. Urbansurf is 1300 steps far away from a million.
What we want to create as a value is to remove the barriers between different cultures. That’s why we will continue to work. We have a far way to go. We need to use our patience, motivation and other resources effectively.
Your feedback is highly appreciated. Having limited resources slows us down and we consider our steps carefully before taking any action. Matching our users with their best traveler mates will be our next step.
The smiles of mothers, children, entrepreneurs and travelers would save the world. The common point of all of them is to imagine, not to stop fighting for the good.
Urbansurf is a travelling application created by a group of good-hearted people. You are invited to use our app, if you like to smile and a have a story to share. 

Now, it is time for you to come and explore with Urbansurf.me

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Check out Urbansurf.me, a social platform for travelers that helps them discover a city in small groups around a sight- seeing activity.

You can also download our IOS app here to discover Urbansurf.

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