(English) Urbansurf application software that started in a container.


One day Superman, other day Batman or Spider-Man, sometimes Joker and you can see him in El Diablo costume in the photo. He is a real life hero working voluntarily for people in need. –
Alper is hero for Urbansurf, too. He is one of the authors of the story of the Urbansurf application software that started in a container.
Everyone’s energy may be low but, because Alper is a hero, we have always seen him lively and motivated. So, it is very unlikely that your energy gets low around him.
How can one explain his source of energy? Maybe he loves his job or he just never gives up smiling and being patient while working. He has plenty of talents. –
Considering his costumes, you can see that he loves fantastic stories and he has a vivid imagination.

Who knows where he is now and to whom he is helping. –
We want to thank him again for his efforts and friendship. We are lucky to have him as Urbansurf.
– “Being smart is not enough, young man. Intelligence is not a privilege but a blessing. You should use it for the sake of mankind.” (Spider Man Two)

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