Share the moment with like-minded people

(English) Share the moment with like-minded people

[:en]There is absolutely nothing wrong with solo travel. There’s a lot to be said for the freedom and self-reflection that comes with it. However, there are often times you want to share the moment with like-minded people.

Sometimes, it’s when you see an amazing landmark or view. Today it’s easy to snap a few pictures and share them on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat in an instant. But it’s not quite the same as having someone next to you to share at the moment.

A photograph is rarely quite the same as actually standing in front of something.

Would you like to talk to fellow travelers?

Other times, it might be at the end of a long day when you just want to have a chat with someone. If you are staying at a hostel or on a tour, you might get the chance to talk with fellow travelers. But there’s no guarantee. It’s undeniable that every now and again you may feel a pang or two of loneliness.

Luckily, once you acknowledge this, it is pretty easy to find ways to share a moment with other travelers, locals, or your own friends and family.

The internet has pretty much revolutionized travel. In the space of a couple of decades, we have gone from postcards and relying on travel agents, to instant communication and independence. The way we book and choose transport, accommodation, and activities have changed a lot. In many ways, it has made the world smaller and more interconnected.

Meet like-minded people

One of the best consequences of this is how much easier it is to connect with like-minded people. Sites such as or, of course, Urbansurf, make this easier than ever. You can easily find people with common interests. Perhaps you have an extreme love of kitesurfing. The internet opens up plenty of opportunities to find fellow enthusiasts and share the moment with them.

Not only do such sites make it possible to find people to share the moments with, but also easy and safe. You can be looking for a buddy during a 24-hour layover in a new city, or feeling a bit lonely during a 3-month backpacking trip. No worries, it’s easy to connect with people.

Of course, a lot can also be said for spontaneous meetings. It’s always fun to meet someone with similar interests and values to yourself. But sometimes the best connections of all can be with people we have very little in common with.

Therefore, when traveling, don’t be afraid to reach out to meet new people. Whether it’s logging on and finding new travel companions, or just meeting a new friend in the hostel bar, there are countless opportunities to share the moment while traveling. So, say goodbye to loneliness and look around you. You never know who might be ‘the person, you climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with’ just waiting to happen!

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