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(English) Why Travel When You’re Young?


Are you a young traveler? You are lucky!

One of the great things about travel is it does not discriminate by age. No matter how young or old you are, you can get out and see the world around you. However, there are some particular benefits of traveling when you are young. Here are seven of our top reasons to start traveling early.

1. See more by starting early

Many people do not travel until they are older but discover their passion for traveling later in life. While it’s never too late to begin traveling, if you discover you’ve got the ‘travel bug’ early, you have your whole life to explore the world! Time is the one thing in life we can never get back, so it makes sense not to waste it and start adventuring young.

2. Make use of your freedom as a young traveler

Generally, people have more freedom in their youth, before getting tied down by things like building a career, raising a family or paying off a mortgage. Although many people do manage to keep traveling throughout their life, it is not that common to be able to take off 3 – 6 months and disappear like you often can when you are young. This flexibility is a precious gift – do not take it for granted!

Or you can consider being a digital nomad or taking a career break.

3. Gain independence and confidence

There’s nothing like traveling to help you learn about adult responsibilities. Suddenly you will find yourself far from home, responsible for everything from meals and accommodation to transport and personal safety. Not only will you learn life skills, but you will also prove to yourself (and your family!) that you can do it and return home a more confident and independent person.

4. Broaden your horizons and be humbled

Sometimes we can get very caught up in our own lives, especially in today’s social media-focused world! However, being a young traveler is likely to open your eyes and change your worldview. It is humbling to see just how big the world is, and what a small part you are. In addition, travel can make you more aware of issues in the world such as poverty and conflict. Learning this young can help you to be a more humble and empathetic person for the rest of your life.

5. Change how you relate to people

One of the best things about travel is meeting new people and discussing their perspectives and experiences. Often, we have stereotypes or preconceived ideas about people who live differently to us – however, when you actually meet people from overseas you start to see things from other perspectives, and also learn how much we all have in common. Learning to accept and respect differences can be an important lesson for life and make you a more open-minded and friendly person.

6. Gain control over your life

When you are young, other people often have a lot of control over your life. Being a young traveler allows you to get away from this, and make all your own decisions. Don’tfeel like getting out of bed? Don’t! Want to go to the airport and catch the first flight out? You can! Being completely in control of your own life temporarily will give you the confidence and skill to apply the same independence to your day to day life back home and make the right decisions for you.

7. Make lifelong memories and friends

Everyone likes to reflect back on their youth and think about all the funny, interesting and sometimes crazy things they did. What better way is there to create amazing memories than traveling? Whether it was backpacking around Europe on a shoestring budget, trekking the Inca trail or partying at Carnevale in Rio, these are amazing memories that will stay with you for life. Plus, some of the people that you meet overseas may turn out to be lifelong friends that you can always share those memories with.

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