8 Strong Advantages of Digital Nomadism!

digital nomadism

Digital Nomadism; the dream job conceived in many Y-generations’ minds. Digital nomadism is the new trend of work which can be done easily in anywhere only with a smartphone or a laptop as long as you know the WiFi password. While making money, this new trend eliminates dependency on “office environment”.

The main reason behind this new trend is working in congested, gloomy offices without windows and sunlight. Just think about it! A week has 168 hours and based on average numbers, a person works 5 days in a week and spends about 8 hours per day. Just calculate! And there is one more thing, failed to notice. Not everyone in this country works for corporate companies and unfortunately, not everyone has happy hours. Some of them barely find time just to eat their food in the lunch break time and some of them work on Saturdays under the guise of “half-day work”. Anyway, let’s put it in a nutshell.

So under this pessimistic atmosphere, digital nomadism is the evolution of freelance work from “I need to work at home” to “I don’t need a home to work, anywhere can be home, office or desk job”, which is one of the solutions bringing light into darkness. And of course, employees working as “home-office employees” can be counted under this group. To me, digital nomads are among the luckiest ones. Indeed; it would be more related to be smart and work hard than being lucky.

If we are to count the advantages of digital nomadism

1) A digital nomad is the one saying “Somewhere up there, there exists a place and that place is my office”

digital nomadism

They can be domestic or do good jobs as international. The rest is only to not reflect time difference to their work. As the name implies, they are nomads. They can be anywhere like the wind.

2) They don’t need to wake up before the city does.

Waking up early is an option for nomads. As long as they deliver their work on time, they control their own schedule. They can work both during daytime or night. Nothing can influence on their work time except for delivery conditions of their work.

3) “Take it easy!” lifestyle

digital nomadism

No one can interfere with work hours or location and they can deliver their work without stress and they move on their lives. For instance, upon completing this article, I will get up from my sunbed and jump into the sea J Well; I’m just kidding. I hope one day this will happen.

4) Recognizing new cultures and geographies

digital nomadism

People always ask “Who knows more… A traveler or a reader?”. When both at the same time, that’s awesome. To recognize new cultures and geographies are one of the best options to reward yourself. As nomads, they will have more time to stay at the same place, bringing more intense observation upon the culture and environment.

5) Opportunity to learn new languages

We are talking about new geography, new culture and more time. However, we should keep in mind that nomads should learn the local language to interact with the local community. For instance; a nomad in Uruguay should know at least some Spanish. Just with some effort and devotion, here it is… a chance to learn a new language.

6) Meeting like-minded people

digital nomadism

While stopping at inns, travelers come across with each other. They share their experience with each other and conversation goes deeper. New friendships are made. Good people mean good stories. These new people can be a life-long friend or just some familiar faces they come across on their paths.

7) Creating and extending network

If these people are in the same business area, they can be offering positions to each other in the future. The business network extends while traveling and meeting with new people. Especially, if a person travels while doing freelance work, he/she will increase his/her chance to work internationally by meeting people from different countries.

8) Having more freedom of thought

digital nomadism

While traveling and meeting with travelers; the characteristic conversation topics are based on the ideas and point of views towards other cultures and communities. Most of the nomads are objective and respectful. They’ve already eliminated prejudices. As their experiences, stories and people they meet are more than of a person having “workplace-home loop”, their norms and models lose their importance and their ideas become freer. In other words, there exist a huge difference between what they were before traveling and what they are now after traveling.

If you believe that you have a professional and already improved job to work as a freelance and you think that life at the office is not for you, with some English skills you can be a member of Digital Nomadism. After that point, all that matters are your desires and dreams.

And there we are; telling you “Good Luck”. 

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Translations: Bahadır Özer

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