(English) 10 Places That Will Make You Travel to The Balkans

[:en]If you haven’t traveled to the Balkans yet, there is a lot that you’ve missed! Historical cities, sparkling turquoise sea, bluest lakes, stunning landscape, etc. The Balkan countries offer so much variety that every traveler can find something up to own taste.

Thanks to its location, The Balkans are easy to access and very affordable as the region is one of the cheapest places to travel in all Europe. As all the travelers know, spending less on your trip means saving for the next one!

Now, let’s see if these beautiful spots will make you plan your next travel to the Balkans or not.

1) Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Travel to The Balkans

Montenegro is a small country, carrying full of potential for travelers in it. It may not be the most popular destination of the Balkans yet, however; you will hear this name more often soon. Bay of Kotor is the top must-seen spot of the country surrounded by well-preserved medieval cities like Kotor and Perast. You can wander around narrow, stone streets with amazing views of the bay or enjoy the water with swimming or kayaking.

2) Tara River Canyon, Montenegro

Travel to The Balkans

If you enjoy the coastline of the Bay of Kotor, it is time to hit the road to the inner parts of the country to be fascinated once again by its nature. With the depth of about 1300 meters, Tara Canyon is the deepest canyon of Europe. It is also the second deepest canyon in the world after the Grand Canyon of Colorado in the USA. Zipline and rafting are some of the activities that you can try here. Even just chilling out with fresh air along with overdose green is enough to be there.

3) Black Lake, Montenegro

Travel to The Balkans

As you’re already on the border of Durmitor National Park, another place worth to see is Crno Jezero (Black Lake)! The national park is located on the north part of the country with 18 glacier lakes and Black Lake is the most-visited one among them.

4) Kravice Falls, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel to The Balkans

Next piece of heaven is from the neighbor country, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kravice Falls is a series of waterfalls (20 waterfalls with 25 meters of height) in the southern part of the country surrounded by nature. The area is protected by State Government since 1954. Swimming, camping, boating, and kayaking are among the activities that will make you enjoy more.

5) Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel to The Balkans

This 600-year old Ottoman-style building complex is a former Dervish Monastery uniquely nestled into a 200-meter height cliff by the spring of River Buna. The combination of architecture and landscape makes this place magnificent and worth visiting.

6) Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel to The Balkans

If you continue to the north from Blagaj, you’ll arrive one of the most iconic places in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mostar. This small historical town is divided into two by Neretva River. Ottoman-style stone bridge of Mostar dating back to the 16th century connects two parts. The bridge was destroyed in 1993 during the Croat-Bosniak War and rebuilt in 2004. You can watch local young men leaping from the bridge to the river as the tradition.

7) Ksamil, Albania

Travel to The Balkans

Ksamil is a small village by the Albanian Riviera to enjoy your summer holiday with white sand, crystal-clear water, and fresh seafood!

8) Berat, Albania

If you are ready to say goodbye to the turquoise water of Ksamil, let’s go and see the historical city of Albania; Berat. The old town of Berat is more than 2400 years old and has been under the protection of UNESCO since 2005. Narrow, cobbled streets connect traditional houses located by the slope of the hill with a castle. Getting lost in these white streets and discovering hidden gems in every corner are very popular in this small settlement.

9) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a well-preserved historical city that fascinates you as soon as you step within the city walls. Narrow streets, covered with limestone transform into stairs as the inner parts of the old town climbs up the hill. This level difference and city walls give visitors the chance to observe the city in different perspectives. Do not forget to take a walk on the city walls by the sunset!

10) Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Croatia is a good combination of history and nature. After being amazed by the history in Dubrovnik, it is time to be amazed by the mother nature! Plitvice Lakes Natural Park is located in the center of the country by the Bosnia and Herzegovina border. It is a chain of turquoise lakes connected by waterfalls surrounded by massive green. With the hiking routes and wooden paths above the water, you can enjoy this piece of heaven. But, unfortunately; it is forbidden to swim in the lakes.

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