(English) 13 Reasons Why – To Take A Career Break

[:en]Set the alarm, wake up early, wear uncomfortable clothes, deal with the traffic jam, and have breakfast in the office… I guess there is no need to continue. You already know the routine if you are working from 9 to 6.

Yes, I know that a regular job feels safe and taking a career break sounds like a dream. But, this trend is growing bigger across the world. It is not just because a career break is fun, but also it brings many advantages along with the fun.

So, let’s start with Career Break 101.

What is career break?

No need to make it complicated: Career break is a break to work. The period of time out from employment can take a few months or a few years. The beauty of the career break does not come from the length of the period, but from the excitement it offers.

Career break is also known as a sabbatical and a gap year. Even though there are slight differences, they all refer to a period without work.

Why take a career break?

1) Give yourself a chance to unlearn


Starting from birth, we learn many things even without knowing. All the information has the power to lead our lives. This is why we need to unlearn some of the information we have been exposed to. Career break is a great chance to unlearn what you have learned, which is all we need to lead our own lives. Take over the reins!

2) Follow your dreams


Some people love to know what comes next while others may get rid of a life that is automatically planned. The latter group usually dreams about a loooong vacation in the most beautiful places on Earth. Yes, we are here to remind you that your dreams are possible to come true.

3) Find your passions


The obligations and the routine of everyday life may prevent us from seeking our passions. What do you really want to do? Is this hairstyle really what you like? Do you really want to buy all the staff? What do you like to do during your spare time? You can use your career break to find your passions.

4) Broaden your horizon


Maintaining the same lifestyle for a long time can lower your self-esteem. Probably, your potential is buried under long working hours. A period out of employment can help you dig it out and broaden your horizon. Enjoy your full potential!

5) Spend a great time


It can be stressful to be fired, but leaving a job with your own will feels great! During this free period, you can spend all your time as you wish. This is why career break offers you a great time.

6) See the world


People taking a gap year are usually traveling the world. Especially the Asian countries are on the top of gap year travel lists.

7) Improve your physical and mental health


It is not easy to catch up with the city life’s fast flow. It causes stress, which is bad for your body and mind. You can spend your career break to rebalance your inner self and to exercise. If you are interested in traveling to Asian countries, you should definitely start doing yoga.

8) Make your CV more attractive


This break will look cool on your CV, but beyond that when you state what you have done during this “missing period”, it will sound you are back to work with a fresh mind and fully motivated. You have just checked another box on your to-do list.

9) Learn a new language


Speaking more than one language improves your brain and your lifestyle. If you are reading this, it means you speak English. Try Spanish, Chinese, Japan, French, sign language or another one while taking a career break.

10) Gain new skills


There are many platforms that set a bridge between the volunteers and the projects to contribute. Are you interested in gardening or animal care? Go, be a part and help in such projects and gain new skills.

11) Feel useful


Gap year volunteering is useful both the volunteer and the others. It is hard to compare the feeling of being useful to anything else. It heals your wounds happened because of reckless professional life.

12) Change the world


When a person gives a break and listens to their heart, this is like a butterfly effect. It means now you are feeling more powerful and ready to take action what you are really interested in. These career break experiences of volunteering may seem small, but they are part of a huge goal: to change the world. Be a part of the change.

13) Change your life forever with career break


Changing the world, listening to your own heart, healing your body and mind, helping others, meeting new people, seeing new places and cultures… It will never be the same as before! Enjoy the change forever.

After your career break, you may think of being a digital nomad, too! Learn about digital nomad friendly countries.

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