Urbansurf; the community believing in togetherness

Urbaners & Urbansurf Team Breakfast

Urbansurf; the community believing in togetherness

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

We love our beautiful planet, we love to explore it, we love to travel and we love to meet with new people and share moments! And we know that there are many people out there, like us, with the same perspective.

This is our story! As a team who loves traveling, exploring, sharing and meeting new people, we have been trying to bring people with similar interest, passion together in social activities since 2016.

Urbaners & Urbansurf Team Breakfast

Imagine that you visit a new country for the first time, you want to go out, explore the city and meet with locals. There we are! Urbansurf aims to meet you with locals who share the same interests with you in activities.

You can add Urbansurf in your life and enjoy these unforgettable moments with new people in different activities. Such activities with new people not only help you break your life-routine but also make you richer with more experiences and new friendships.

“Well, we call them “the angels of the city” in other words.”

Moreover, you can be an Urbaner who are the city ambassadors who have discovered the likeable – secret parts of the city, who have experienced joyful activities and who would like to share it with travelers. Well, we call them “the angels of the city” in other words.

We consider ourselves as a huge family and we would like to grow and share this enthusiasm with other people.

“We will be doing more such activities with Urbaners.”

For the first time, we have organized a very vibrant and joyful day with our ‘Urbaners’. As Urbansurf team, we met with Urbaners of Istanbul in a splendid breakfast activity. Our aim was to meet with Istanbul’s City Angels, to know them better and to develop ideas together for the city. Every single one of the attendees was so happy and excited. The more we talked and shared, the happier we became. One story led the other one and we couldn’t understand how we spent many hours together. On that day, time literally flew… Or maybe, we were too charmed with that amazing breakfast. At this juncture, we cannot deny the fact that breakfast has something to do with happiness.

We will be doing more such activities with Urbaners. We care for any ideas which can improve us and make us a bigger family. Any single moment with our family makes us happy and more motivated for our aim.

As Urbansurf team, we will do great things. Sooner or later, we will meet you with a big smile and a warm welcome 🙂

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Urbansurf is a mobile social network bringing people sharing the same interests, hobbies, passion together in various activities and makes you social. You can download the application on Apple Store or Google Play.

Urbansurf; Meet People with Similar Interests