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(English) 10 Best Unexpected Holiday Destinations for 2019


Unexpected holIday destInatIons wIll amaze you!

Many travelers share a similar destination list for the next departure. However, the world offers unique experiences in various territories as well. The ones who choose unexpected destinations for their journeys can collect the coolest memories ever! So, let’s take a look at the best 10 great yet unexpected holiday destinations for 2019.

Azores, Portugal

azores unexpected holiday destinations

The Azores is a remote nine-island archipelago off the coast of Portugal. This place has volcanic mountain peaks, ancient fishing villages, bubbling hot springs, untouched landscapes and much more. During the high season, flights are available between these islands. So, in a single trip, you will be able to visit more than one island and have more experience in the Azores.

Eastern Bhutan

eastern bhutan

Eastern Bhutan is wilder and more rugged than the other parts of Bhutan and there are fewer tourists around. However, Eastern Bhutan promises beautiful silks, embroidery, bird-filled forests and more. Being one of the least explored regions of the kingdom, it offers some of the most authentic experiences for adventure-seekers in unexpected holiday destinations.

Cabo, Mexico


Cabo is the meeting point of the desert and the ocean. This is why the area offers a wide range of outdoor activities along with the nightlife and daylong parties. It is one of the unexpected holiday destinations. One of the most exciting things to do in Cabo is to watch whales within their natural surrounding. Besides, jet skiing, parasailing, and kayaking are the popular water sports of this region.


colombia unexpected holiday destinations

With the carnivals in the streets and fascinating salsa dance shows, Colombia is a perfect destination for the travelers who desire to go beyond the ordinary. The country offers all from the wild nature to city life. Amazon Rainforest and archaeological ruins stand out among the unique beauties of Colombia. Especially Bogota and Medellin are the cities you should add your must-visit list in this amazing country.


Ethiopia unexpected holiday destinations

Ethiopia is a unique country – no doubt! The beautiful country is known for astonishing wildlife with magical landscapes. Trekking is the best activity option to enjoy these beauties from meters above sea level. Travelers visiting this country always fall in love the wild nature; giving a warm hug to the remnants of the ancient architecture in several cities.



Everybody knows, but few go: Madagascar is the land of adventures! The giant island is rich in the species of flora and fauna, 90% of which live only in Madagascar. Besides; the most beautiful beaches in the world are waiting for you in this breathtaking island. Be aware that the island is the 4th biggest one in the world, so traveling around requires quite a long time.



You can experience the nomadic culture and enjoy the vast landscapes of Mongolia. You will be astonished by the unique beauty of the country and will witness the excitement of the nomadic life. The adventurers can find a chance to sleep in a herder’s ger, which is the traditional yurt felt, and ride horses. Do not miss the opportunity to get back to nature in Mongolia.


pakistan unexpected holiday destinations

Pakistan is mostly known for its magical mountains compared to the Himalayas. The country is usually in the blacklist of travelers, but we would recommend you to consider visiting this amazing country full of natural and historical richness.



If you are interested in seeing the jungles of Africa, take a ticket to Rwanda, which is also the heaven of safari. Rwanda is known as Le Pays des Mille Collines (Land of a Thousand Hills) thanks to the endless mountains. Bamboo forests are home to the last remaining mountain gorillas. Take your note: Kigali is one of the most popular cities in Rwanda.

Turkish Riviera

Turkish Riviera

The Turkish Riviera stretching for more than 1000 kilometers is nothing like you have ever seen before. Historical ruins, modern marinas, and harbors will welcome you during this amazing trip. Besides; you will have a chance to swim in the beautiful blue waters of Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. Bodrum and Antalya are two popular locations you can stop by!

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