(English) Our Team: Our Experience with Valeria as Urbansurf


We, as Urbansurf team, met Valeria during the Aiesec program. We worked together for 3 months on the Urbansurf Startup project. Urbansurf is about socializing, and our goal is to remove cultural barriers between people. Therefore, we need open-minded, communicative, honest, helpful, respectful, and, most importantly travel loving team members. In summary: meet new people that you will happy to meet!

Meet New People
Valeria in Istanbul

Valeria has all those personal qualities and more. She was willing to understand the details of the job, very focused on her tasks, and productive.

Our team members are free to plan their own agendas and work plans. Valeria was good at time management, and she was able to finalize all her tasks on time and correctly.  Valeria was responsible for Social Media and marketing of Urbansurf since she had excellent presentation skills and good articulation. We were able to feel Valeria’s enthusiasm for the job, and that made us all happy.

Meet New People
Valeria in Turkey

She was used to warning the group when the discussions lose track, and she was direct, honest in her opinions towards the tasks we have been working on. From this perspective, she can be considered as a good team leader who is at peace with herself and open to learning

We are thankful for Valeria’s effort and support. We know that she helped many people meet new people!

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