5 ‘Scientifically-Proven’ – Physical and Mental Benefits of Socializing


As a gypsy proverb says — A homebody is somebody; likely to have shorter life…

Actually, there is a scientific correspondence for this gypsy proverb.  As social animals, we-human beings- need a social life to have a healthy body and mental state. Socializing is far more important and valuable than many of us ever thought it to be.

Even though resting and spending time by yourself have numberless benefits for your body and your soul, what matters most is to achieve the balance; as keeping social connections alive and leading an active life increase life-span like gypsies say. And what is more than increasing your life-span is that it also makes you have a healthy and happy life.

Well, how does spending time with other people increase your life-span? Just a moment please… We explain everything with scientific proofs.

1) Socializing increases self- confidence

Communicating with other people increases self-confidence. When we spend joyful time with other people, we start to enjoy our lives more. Another reason why socializing increases our self-confidence is that we feel more worthful when other people listen our opinions and spare their time for us. It might sound so simple, however; many scientific studies agree on the fact that we need to be in communication with other people to increase our self-confidence.

2) Socializing increases our learning ability

John Cacippo, a researcher at University of Chicago, states that lonely people show underperformance on learning-based assignments such as; puzzles and mind games. The reason is that our brain functions and performance change when we are lonely for a long time.

3) Socializing lowers tumor risks

According to the report of University of Chicago Medical Center; social isolation fastens tumor extension and causes decaying physical health. An unhealthy socializing also has the same kind of effect on human health. To keep healthy, we not only need to eat properly but also explore every opportunity to socialize healthily.

4) Socializing lowers senility risks

Scientists state that social connections is an irreplaceable need for a healthy state of mind. While socializing, the signs of becoming senile and Alzheimer goes down by 26%.

5) Socializing gives you superhuman resistance to illnesses.

When you are alone, separated from other people, you feel down and upset. If you feel this way continually, it might turn into stress and depression. And stress threatens your health seriously. According to the researches, when you are alone, even your body temperature deranges compared to its normal state.

Translations: Bahadır Özer

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