Content writers (Remote)

Photo by Jared Sluyter on Unsplash

Urbansurf welcomes you as a mobile platform which brings you and other people who have same hobbies, passion, interests together into various activities and makes you socialize.

We are seeking for content writers who are able to write informative and catchy articles about any city. We will be fictionalizing contents particularly on topics such as; activities, travel, culture, art, history, travel-routes etc. If you believe that you are good at creating and writing contents, we would be glad to work together, expand our team and share our dreams.

What we require from you are quite simple; working regardfully to make your readers enjoy your articles without wincing, not taking any criticism/feedback personally and moving on to make your work better, taking your responsibilities with joy and respecting your deadlines for delivering your work…  

If you have any interest in working with us, please send us a message, introducing yourself and your previous works so that we can know you better.

Best wishes

Urbansurf Team

Contact email: hello(at)