8 Reasons To Stay Away From Istanbul


Istanbul is a big city that offers great adventures. As a result of its geographical location, it is a bit different from European metropolises in terms of culture, cuisine, and daily life. Millions of people from various cities all around the world come and travel in Istanbul.

But, watch out! Istanbul is a very dangerous city and soon we will let you know why.


1) Various cultures live together


IstanbulÔÇÖs history is a long story and the characters of the story still live in the city. This makes Istanbul a multicultural city, which is a great way to meet the harmony of variety.

2) You can gain weight


Istanbul, as a city hosting many cultures, offers you a wide range of tastes. Ottoman cuisine, Balkan cuisine, European cuisine, Anatolian cuisine, Mediterranean and moreÔÇŽ there is a lot to taste in this amazing city.

3) Hospitality may surprise you


People living in Istanbul love meeting new people from different cultures. The high level of hospitality may surprise you. This is about Turkish culture. Take it easy!

4) You may feel spoiled


People in Istanbul also like asking questions; they do their best to comfort you. So you may feel spoiled as a result of dense interest in you. They will always try to help you. This is not easy to handle!

5) You may need to say bye to your bias


Istanbul is not European; this is for sure. The city is a combination of the West and the East. This is what makes Istanbul unique. You may prejudge the city and people living there; however, you will need to say bye to your bias after you meet the nice and energetic culture.

6) It can be hard to say goodbye to your new friends


You will make lifetime friends in Istanbul. People who visit the city usually come back or they welcome their friends who they meet in this beautiful city. It is hard just to go your own way after experiencing friendship in Istanbul.

7) You may need to buy another suitcase


The city has a lot of staff that are unique. The clothes, the souvenirs, the books and more will take extra space in your suitcase. So consider the possibility of the need for an extra suitcase before you arrive in the city.

8) You may quit social media


It will be hard to choose photos to share with your followers because every corner in the city is just magnificent. Old city, modern city, the BosporusÔÇŽ It is so hard that you may quit trying!

(main image: Freepik.com)

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