10 Fun Things To Do At Home During Coronavirus Lock-Up

stay home during corona

Believe it or not, the pandemic case of coronavirus has affected all human beings all around the world. The outbreak started in China. And even though it is under control there, Europe has become the new epicentre of the coronavirus.

Many European countries are taking precautions by closing their borders, closing all cafes, restaurants, bars or other indoors where people come together, and making people stay at home so that the virus doesn’t spread fast. Italy has become a very bad example in this case, and now a lot of countries are afraid to be Italy. In order not to have the same troubles, they are asking people to stay at home.

👀 So what can we do at these lock-up days at home? Here I compiled you 10 great activities you can do at home while waiting for the outbreak hopefully to disappear.

Staying at home sounds boring? Not at all! If you are afraid to be bored, try these below:

1- Take a Long Bath

stay at home

This lock-up might be your opportunity to stop and rest a bit and finally not worry about your work! So prepare a nice bath for yourself, use some beautiful candles, lots of bubbles, and maybe even a glass of wine! 🍷

Try to enjoy this compulsory stay-at-home time by turning it into a spa fling for yourself.

2- Take Your Coffee and Read a Book In Your Bed

things to do during corona

When was the last time you wake up at 10 am during the week, didn’t panic at all, take a coffee, go back to your bed and read a book that you wish to read for ages but never found the time to do so!

That is definitely the time to do this super relaxing activity! Let the day pass slowly while taking a sip from your coffee.

3- Play Your Favorite Computer Games

home time during corona

If reading a book in your bed is not your secret pleasure, then you might want to plug the PlayStation and spend your time playing your favourite games. 👾

You might even want to invite a friend over (whom you’ll make him wash his hands and rinse with the alcohol-based lotion) and enjoy your day on the PlayStation.

When was the last time you spent the whole day playing games with a friend? Now is the time to enjoy it!

4 – Clean and Organize Your Closet

organize your home

After you enjoy your free time and relax, you might want to do some hands-on activities. Here is the one for you that you will thank yourself after you have done it!

It’s time for you to have as much time as you need to organize your closet. You might want to remove your winter clothes and replace them with some spring clothes, or you might just want to organize your socks!

Be as creative as you wish! 👏🏼

5 – Watch the Movies You Always Wanted To

coronavirus home

If you get tired of organizing your closet, you might want to make some popcorn for yourself and sit in front of the TV to watch the movie that you wanted to see for ages!

Netflix or other streaming websites might help you find your favourite movie or the one you wanted to see but couldn’t find anywhere.

You might even start appreciating the lock-up and the virus!

6 – Have a Tour in Virtual Museums

online museum during corona

Staying at home doesn’t always mean that you will have refrained from cultural experiences. Thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can reach the virtual tours and exhibitions of over 500 famous museums all around the world, including British Museum, Guggenheim, Van Gogh Museum, and many more. Coronavirus cannot stop you!

You may not be travelling to London, Amsterdam or New York, but technology brings those museums to your home. You can take advantage of these days by improving yourself culturally.

7 – Learn Online!


You have been looking to have some time so that you can enrol in a language course? Or you want to learn about digital marketing or coding, but you’re always busy and have no time?

That is your time to learn whatever you have wished to learn! There are so many universities and courses offering online courses. Now that you are at home and cannot be in an offline classroom, so enrol yourself in an online class.

Take your time to learn whatever you have been willing to for a long time. Some online education websites you might want to check out are Coursera, Udemy, Edx, and Open Culture.

8- Cook Your Favourite Meal

stay home

These days are great opportunities for you to practice your cooking abilities. You can be as creative as you wish. Try to make your favourite food you usually order such as noodles, sushi, and pizza at home! 🍕🍕

Cooking will be fun when you have lots of time to spend and no hurry to make you feel stressed.

Take your time, make your dough, open up a bottle of wine, invite a few friends over, and enjoy your quality time.

9- Decorate Your House

stay home during corona

In-between relaxing activities, you might try decorating your place since you are at home and nothing else to do. You can go online and search for decoration ideas, take some measurements and start being creative with the tools and materials you have at home.

You can check Pinterest and Youtube for some Do It Yourself ideas and enjoy being creative and turning your house into a nicer-looking place.

10 – Throw a Party For You and Your Family Members

time with family

Are you looking for even more fun? Then use all the materials you can find at home, and throw a party with what you have on hand! 🎉🎉

You can start decorating your living room with whatever party kit you have at home then continue with preparing tasty snacks. If you have kids, you might even want to bring some colour and of course, don’t forget the music!

Nobody ever said staying at home is not fun!

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