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(English) 60+ Important Tips for a First Time Traveler


handy tıps for  every fırst tıme traveler are lıfe-savıng!

Are you bored of looking at the travel photos of your friends or some famous travelers? Do you wish to set off for your own journey and see the world by yourself? We prepared a list to help you make your dream come true. We highly recommended you to have a look at it especially if you haven’t hit the road yet.

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  • Try to find a cool fellow traveler. If you can’t, don’t worry. It is better to travel alone than to be with a negative travel mate. Plus, believe me, solo travel is the best.
  • Plan your trip as a first time traveler. But you don’t have to plan every single moment. You can go with the flow and it is great to have some spontaneous adventures.
  • Once you buy the tickets, it is happening! Pack your luggage/backpack.
  • Take only the necessary items with you.
  • You will probably not need more than a pair of shoes. Considering the season, you can take your flip-flops with you.
  • Try to divide your money into different places in case of any loss/theft.
  • Pack more pairs of underwear.
  • Pack only one travel-size shampoo which you can also use as shower gel/conditioner.
  • Don’t take valuable belongings with you like expensive jewelry or a watch.
  • Don’t overpack your luggage or backpack since you will be carrying it all over.
  • Learn some websites where you can find accommodation.
  • Make some research about the places you are heading off.
  • Scan and take photos of your ID card, passport or visas. Take them with you, just in case.
  • Take a notebook with you which you can write down some important notes about your trip as a first time traveler.
  • Take some passport size photos with you in case you need to them enter countries.
  • Don’t forget to get a tiny first aid kit for yourself with simple handy stuff.
  • Don’t forget to get travel insurance and read the coverage well.
  • You might also want to exchange your money into the currency that you would use during your travel. It might be too expensive at the airport, so it is better to exchange some beforehand.
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  • Go to the airport at least 2-3 hours before your flight. You might hate it but you would hate missing the flight more for sure.
  • Try to choose a more secure way of transportation like train instead of a bus. You wouldn’t like to be stuck in traffic.
  • Make sure you don’t have any illegal stuff with you. Ask yourself again and again since the security at the airport is stricter than you would imagine. Also, things and acts defined as illegal change from country to country.
  • Eat before you get to the airport. The prices would be double at the airport.
  • Don’t forget to check-in online if your luggage or backpack is a cabin size one.
at the airport first time traveler
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  • Learn to pick the best moving line in the security check. Avoid families with small kids or elderly people. Look for the business people who do not have much luggage with them.
  • Find the counter saying online check-in. (Assuming that you have listened to our advice and checked-in online)
  • At the check-in desk, you might be asked to show your return ticket, so make sure you have a copy of it either printed or on your phone.
  • After dropping your luggage at the check-in desk, directly go to the passport control before you tour the airport. You will have a lot of time to tour it once you pass the passport control.
  • The previous line rules for the passport line.
  • Keep an eye on the boards showing the gate of the flight. They might change the gate, so make sure you check them often.
plane first time traveler
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  • Once you are on the plane, you can relax and enjoy the trip. First time traveler, amazing adventures are getting closer!
  • Drinking a glass of wine or a beer might sound very relaxing; however, don’t exaggerate. Don’t get drunk on the plane.


  • Same line rules would apply for the passport check.
  • Check the signs and move around the airport following them.
  • Don’t fall in the traps of the people who want to rip you off.
  • You can get information from the information desk.
  • You can also get the map of the town you arrive and learn about transportation from the airport from the info desk.
  • If local time is different from your home, set the watch before you start your adventure.
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Do you need ideas about how to choose a hostel as a first time traveler? Here is one of our post about it.

  • Don’t fall asleep on the way to wherever you are going. Follow the stops.
  • If you are using a taxi, make sure that the taximeter is working well. This tip is applicable to the whole travel’s taxi uses.
  • Meeting new people is always nice; however, stay attentive to avoid scams.
  • Try not to accept offers from the people you don’t know unless you are sure they are trustable.


  • Check your room or bed; make sure your bed and the sheets are clean. You wouldn’t like to meet the bed bugs.
  • Check your room to see if you have a safe box. You might want to leave your passport there if it seems really safe.
  • Divide your money or cards into at least two.
  • Have your B and C plans in case you lose your belongings. Always keep an extra card which you can use to withdraw money. Money can save you from many troubles.
  • Get information from the stuff from where you stay. Listen to their advice against rip-offs and scams.
sightseeing first time traveler
Photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels


  • Be open to try local food but watch out for the ones, which you might have trouble with such as tap water or meat.
  • Do not skip checking the prices before you order food.
  • Tipping is like an obligation in various countries. Also, it is a nice behavior. If you want to tip after a delicious meal and friendly service, the tip should be 10% of the total value of the bill.
  • Be friendly to local people. Remember you are a visitor and they are hosting you.
  • Make sure you also have some small changes other than the banknotes. Some local bus or taxi drivers might not have any change with them.
  • Respect for the local values and beliefs. Follow the rules of religious and historical buildings or sites.
  • Try not to be alone in a quiet street in the middle of the night. I guess this rule might even be applied to your own town.
  • Make sure you make a video of the vehicle if you decide to rent a car or scooter. You have no idea what kind of tricks you can come across.
  • You can also be spontaneous and meet some local people or other travelers. Places are beautiful to see yet what makes traveling really fun and memorable is the people you meet on the way. So be careful not to be fooled but don’t be overly skeptical.
  • Try to contribute to local businesses instead of global chains.
  • In many cities across the world, there are free tour options. Search for them.
  • Many cities have cards to use as museum ticket and bus ticket sold by a discounted price and can be used for 24, 36 or 72 hours. Check if there is such an option.


  • You can get some souvenirs or travel memories to remind you about your past travel. But don’t try to pack everything into your luggage.
  • Remember your baggage limit and consider leaving some belongings behind.
  • Double-check your flight time in case there is a time difference between your home and the country you are visiting.
  • Be at the airport at least a few hours before your flight in order not to end your story in a bad way as a first time traveler.
  • Take a safe way of transportation like train or metro again since you may not be able to estimate the traffic or the distance.
  • Do not try to take some illegal things with you. Check the regulations of the country. You wouldn’t believe so but very weird things might be illegal to take out of the country. (In Malaysia it is illegal to take mangos or durian with you)
  • Especially if you are traveling in tropical countries, never try to put a durian in your luggage because they will have to throw away the whole luggage with the durian inside.
  • Look behind before you step in the plane and remember all the experiences you’ve had from your trip. Each one the experiences will teach you something. You will never be the same person before your trip.

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