(English) 19 Breathtaking and Less Popular Places To Visit In Southeast Asia

[:en]Asia, the land of many countries, is a popular travel destination, and its popularity is growing. Places to visit in Southeast Asia are known for their unique cultures and lifestyles.

Southeast Asia is home to 11 countries and thousands of islands. All these places are different from the rest of the world, considering their cultures and natural beauties. There are countless reasons to visit Southeast Asia.

Best places to visit in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. As it is geographically away from the USA and Europe, it is not under the impact of modern culture. So what makes Southeast Asia destinations unique is this distinctive culture.

There live Muslim and Buddhist people, but there are also Christian, Hindu, and Animist communities residing in Southeast Asia. Each brings their own cuisine, way of living, and, most importantly, their perspective on daily life. A journey to Southeast Asia is actually passing through ravishing experience.

So let’s see the best natural places to visit in Southeast Asia.

1- Vientiane, Laos

Image: Lonely Planet

Vientiane is the capital of Laos. The city is where you will find genuine Laotian culture. Located on the Mekong River, Vientiane is attracting travelers with its historical background. Don’t miss Pha That Luang while in Vientiane.

2- Sapa, Vietnam

places to visit in Southeast Asia
Image: Vietravel Asia

If you are interested in the fantastic nature of earth, Sapa should be on your list of places to visit in Southeast Asia. Sapa is a peaceful town in Vietnam and known for trekking, rice paddies, traditional villages, and hill tribes.

3- Vang Vieng, Laos

Image: Indochina Pioneer

Vang Vieng is a rural town located on the banks of the Song River. It has always been known as the ecological adventure point. Still, it turned into a party location during the last years. Before more people discover and destroy the town, go and visit this agricultural community.

4- Phuket, Thailand

Image: Hurriyet

Phuket is a classic, but still; we had to mention this gorgeous place. As the largest island in Thailand, it is already trendy. Phuket is famous for never-ending nightlife and amazing beaches.

5- Gili Islands, Indonesia

Image: Madmonkey Hostels

Gili Islands are among the places to visit in Southeast Asia if you are trying to isolate yourself from the chaotic city life. Cars are forbidden on the islands. Enough?

6- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Image: Thailand Tripsavvy

Another classical Thai destination is Chiang Mai. Located on the Ping River, the city is home to more than 300 Buddhist temples. This place is attractive for those interested in Thai culture.

7- Palawan, Philippines

Image: Road Affair

Palawan Island is a province in the Philippines. Travel & Leisure magazine honored Palawan to be the world’s best island. It is not a surprise considering its amazing natural beauties: beaches, caves, mountains, and jungles. This one among the places to visit in Southeast Asia is great for outdoor sports.

8- Taman Negara, Malaysia

Image: Thrillophilia

This one is a national park in the Titiwangsa Mountains in Malaysia. We highly recommend Taman Negara to the ecotourists and travelers interested in a vacation in nature. You can do hiking, whitewater rafting, rock climbing and more here.

9- Hoi An, Vietnam

Image: Civitatis

Hoi An is a town located at the mouth of the Thu Bon River. Its unique architecture of wooden houses is inspiring. If you are interested in traveling a place that offers out-of-world experience, do not miss Hoi an.

10- Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Image: Asia Web Direct

Ko Phi Phi is an amazing archipelago, which is famous for snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. You can also prefer this heaven-like place just to enjoy the amazing beaches.

11- Luang Prabang, Laos

luang-prabang-laos Places To Visit In Southeast Asia
Image: Yoga Vine Travel

Luang Prabang is one of the highlights of Laos with around 35 temples and vibrant nightlife. It is Laos’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it deserves it! If you have a chance to be in this amazing place, do not miss to relax at Kuang Si Waterfall.

12- Borobudur, Indonesia

Image: World Heritage Lovers

The largest and most famous Buddhist temple is in Borobudur. It was built during the 8th and 9th centuries in 75 years. According to the estimations, there used around 2 million blocks of stone to build this fantastic temple.

13- Ifugao Rice Terraces, Philippines

ifugao-rice-terraces- Places To Visit In Southeast Asia
Image: Medium

This is where photographers interested in nature photos must go. Ifugao Rice Terraces are well known because people have been growing rice on these gorgeous terraces for about 2,000 years.

14- Bagan, Myanmar

bagan-myanmar Places To Visit In Southeast Asia
Image: Asia Tourist

As described by Marco Polo, the “gilded city” had around 13,000 Buddhist temples in the 11th century. Ananda temple is among those remained thousands of temples today. Its bewildering gold spires are an excellent reason to visit Bagan.

15- Ha Long Bay

ha-long-bay Places To Visit In Southeast Asia
Image: Best Price Travel

This place seems like a scene from a fantasy story. Its limestone karst islands are in different shapes and sizes, and this variety makes it just amazing. You can visit the fishing villages in Ha Long Bay to get to know 200 different fishes and 450 kinds of mollusks in this place.

16- Bali, Indonesia

bali-indonesia Places To Visit In Southeast Asia
Image: Malaysia Tatler

Bali is probably the most popular island in Indonesia. The tropical island is famous for its high marine diversity and coral reefs. Yoga and surfing lovers will fall in love with this exotic island.

17- Angkor, Cambodia

angkor-cambodia Places To Visit In Southeast Asia
Image: Ancient Origin

Among the places to visit in Southeast Asia, Angkor is known for its historical architecture. Huge Angkor Wat temple and wild nature are the best reasons to visit Angkor.

18- Kuta Lombok, Indonesia

kuta-lombok-indonesia-Places To Visit In Southeast Asia
Image: All Covered In Clouds

Kuta Lombok is a quiet surfing town with beautiful nature. Besides surfing, it is exceptional to enjoy the white sand and volcanic rock beaches. This place is mostly preferred for an isolation session from the big cities’ daily rush.

19- Malacca, Malaysia

malacca.malaysia-malacca Places To Visit In Southeast Asia
Image: Malacca

Visit Malacca to enjoy unique Malaccan cuisine, and you will find more than you can imagine. The old town of Malacca is like a postal card drawing. Even when you are walking around the town, you won’t believe it is really real!

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