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(English) 2020 Travel Trends: DNA Travel

[:en]Fasten your seatbelts. Now, we are almost travelling in time: DNA Travel.

We have always tried to go and visit places at different times. It is still not possible, but there is a way to visit your ancestors, which is called DNA travel.

Meet your ancestors today

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors were from and dreamed about how and where they have lived? You can learn about all of these questions with only a kit, cheek swab or a saliva sample and a travel plan.

In 2020, DNA Travel is the new hip. With the support of technology, it is not difficult to find out where your ancestors came from. As many people have done recently, you may take a DNA test to get detailed information about the hometown(s) of your ancestors. You may visit those places, meet your distant cousins, and imagine walking down the city centre of your grand grand grand mother’s town.

What is DNA testing?

DNA testing for ancestry and genealogy studies has become very famous in recent years for the people would like to know about their genes and who they are. Genealogy studies the families, family histories, and their linkages using various methods.

Genealogy is the key for DNA test results, which provides statistics with percentages on and the genes’ heritage and routes. The standard DNA tests currently use different methods to analyze DNA.

There are three main DNA tests:

  • Y chromosome testing directly tests the male line of the family,
  • Mitochondrial DNA testing is used to examine the mitochondria for both females and males while the mitochondrial DNA is passed on through mothers,
  • Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) testing evaluates the entire genome.

How can I do a DNA test?

A DNA test can be made with a cheek swab or a saliva sample. There are several enterprises to get your DNA test before planning your DNA travelling, for instance:

dna travel

What is DNA travel?

DNA travel is a contemporary travel trend. Here is how it works: people travel to experience the places that their ancestors come from, learn more about their artefacts, and daily activities that genuinely represent the life-stories.

Not only It opens the doors for a new journey, but also It welcomes those who want to know more about theIr routes warmly.

DNA travel includes cultural, historical, and natural resources, where you can learn about a new lifestyle as well as getting to know more about who you are and finding peace through following your routes.

Why should I do DNA travelling?

It would be best if you started considering DNA travelling to reach personal narratives of others… Uhm well, they are your ancestors. Recently, DNA travel is under the spotlight of tourism agencies. They can organize guided DNA trips for the ones who are looking for their family history, personal attachment, and even inner peace after finding the missing pieces of themselves.

It Is meanIngful for many people to walk In the streets of theIr ancestors walked, lIved, and dIed.

DNA travel makes people feel completed at some point. Specifically, family heritage-themed trips are directing popular destinations for DNA travellers.

Getting a DNA kit pushes the button and starts your journey about your family history. Once you get the results, you may begin considering the destinations of your next travel: DNA travel. The critical mindset of this journey is the low expectations during the trip because you have no idea where your ancestors come from, and what they have experienced.

Nevertheless, I would like to remind you that there is no clear cut for a biological race, genetic categories, and genome routes. There can always be some leaks in the way. Therefore, DNA travel should be enjoyed and relished at maximum.

Are a solo traveller in your DNA adventure? Read our article about being a solo traveller!

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