(English) What Kind of Traveler Are You?


Are you a traveler?

Travel is a deeply personal experience. There are all kinds of reasons why people go overseas or to a different city, and ways that people like to travel. Here are some common types of travelers you might find on your journeys. Which one are you?

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The Adventure Seeker

This traveler is looking for (you guessed it), adventure! They love anything that gets the heart beating and blood flowing, from hair-raising boat rides to bungee jumping and mountainous hikes. The adventure seeker doesn’t just want to see, but to dive headfirst into new experiences.

The Explorer

The Explorer loves to get off of the beaten path and find undiscovered places, far away from other tourists. You’ll rarely find the Explorer at any well-known tourist destinations. Instead, they love trekking deep into a jungle to find a small village and eating only local foods… The Explorer likes to forge their own path.

The Party Animal

We’ve all met the Party Animal. They’re the first to know about cool parties and the last to leave the hostel or hotel bar. Although they might be a little slow getting out of the bed in the morning, the Party Animal is usually great fun to be around. They love to let their hair down and laugh, dance, drink, and chat. And all of this can be great fun!

The Luxury Lover

The Luxury Lover can be male or female. But they must always have an appreciation of the finer things in life: fancy accommodation, gourmet dining, and luxurious luggage sets. Just about everybody has moments where it is nice to splurge. The Luxury Lover isn’t interested unless its five stars.

The Scholar

The Scholar has well and truly read up on every destination. This person can tell you all about a place, its culture, and its history! They love visiting attractions like museums and art galleries where they can learn about new things. Once they have learned a new fact, it goes into their impressive memory for facts, ready to be brought out at parties starting with ‘did you know…’

The ‘Live Like a Local’

This traveler doesn’t just want to see or learn things they really want to experience them. The ‘Live Like a Local’ shies away from anything though to be touristy. Instead, they want the ultimate authentic experience complete with homestays, local delicacies (the weirder, the better) and valiant attempts to learn a new language!

The Worrier

The Worrier can always find something to be concerned about. Whether it’s reciting tales of unfortunate incidents or worrying that they’ve got food poisoning, there’s always something to occupy the Worrier’s mind. While it is often good to err on the side of caution, the Worrier, unfortunately, misses out on things due to fear.

The Bargain Hunter

As the name suggests, the Bargain Hunter is always on the lookout for ways to save money on their trip. Whether it be taking a hair raising journey on a local bus so as to avoid buying a plane ticket or throwing together weird and wonderful meals with just a few cheap ingredients, the Bargain Hunter wants to keep things cheap to maximize the holiday budget left over.

So there you go. Did you see any that suits your travel style? Maybe you’re a mix of a couple? Or perhaps you recognized a few types of travelers from your own journeys overseas!

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