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(English) Why You should Travel With Like-Minded Traveler

[:en]Travel has become a way for like-minded people to come to each other and communicate. One of the best things about traveling is not our final destination. It is wonderfully passionate, delightfully entertaining, and curious travelers, we found along the way. Every traveler has a story. And, if we take the time to stop and listen, we open ourselves to the possibilities of meeting someone whose trip coincides with only ours.

The Urbansurf application allows like-minded travelers to come together and travel to exciting destinations together. With the type of technology available in Urbansurf, it is easier for people to connect with like-travelers. This higher level of interaction between the like-minded travelers makes the trip an excellent opportunity to pursue a common interest together.

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With Urbansurf, people are open to new ways of travel including visits to new destinations and easy availability of information. The application increases the desire to visit places that are usually showcased in the media, movies, etc. There is also an increased demand to experience a destination through interactions with food and wine, community, culture, etc., and not only see the well-known tourist destinations. This can only be gotten through like-minded feature, which provides a stable platform that facilitates communication between “Urbansurfers.”

The like-minded feature is designed for people with wide-ranging backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. Everyone shares a passion for exploring new landscapes and cultures while remaining active and having fun. They are curious, adventurous, and willing to embrace the best moments of life—and whatever pleasant surprise may be around the corner. If traveling with an application organized as Urbansurf, automatically, you would get a circle of like-minded travelers friends and companions. This is great!

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Another thing that you will enjoy while traveling with like-minded travelers is the budget. Every traveler is the maximum amount you can spend during the holidays. Still, it can be challenging to stay within that budget if you are traveling alone because of the numerous things you want to explore. Traveling with a like-minded traveler means you won’t miss out on activities because you can’t afford that expensive hot air balloon ride or skydive.

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You will also have the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Traveling with a like-minded traveler presents you with the ability to break those habits or patterns. So you can try something new. With our like-minded feature, you can discover amazing places in a different way than you would if you explore on your own. The common link: a passion for discovery and a deep appreciation for the crucial moment. It is a beautiful sunset or a perfect cappuccino in the charming cafe in a remote corner of the world.

At Urbansurf, we believe that traveling around the world should not be hard. In fact, it’s something everyone should be able to do at least once in their lives. Whether you choose to spend a few years or a few months traveling this beautiful planet, it’s essential to see what’s out there through the eye of Urbansurf. All you need to do is to download the app on your mobile phone, update your profile. Now you start sharing your story with other “Urbansurfers.” We lead every trip; yes, we do. It is this extensive network and expertise that makes us exceptional.

Urbansurf is a mobile social network bringing people sharing the same interests, hobbies, passion together in various activities and makes you social. You can download the application on the Apple Store or Google Play.