meet like minded people

(English) How to Meet Like-Minded People and Make New Friends?

[:en]We all like to meet others with similar interests and befriend new ones. But it is not always easy to find these soulmates. Yes, there are billions of people out there, but you cannot say who is the one for you at first sight. So, how will you meet like-minded people?

Your existing social circle


For the very first step, you don’t need to get too far to make new friends. You already have a social circle with friends in it. Your existing friends probably know people who are similar to you.

It is useful to get to know second or third-degree contacts through your friends. You can behave sociably and try to invite others to your meetings with friends. One of the best ways to establish friendships is through other friends who know both parties well.

Social institutions

Social institutions

You are probably a part of a social institution like a university or a workplace. Those places offer an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends. Because you already experience a similar atmosphere every day, you have a common ground to share. It definitely gets people closer.

You should use the opportunities to socialize with your colleagues. You will probably find some events to establish bonds between people, as many institutions give importance to interaction and cooperation. You can attend those kinds of events or even try to organize if there is not any. It is a great way to meet like-minded people who are already around you, but you haven’t noticed before that you have so much in common.


meet like minded people

Volunteering is a great way to get to know new people. It is a win-win situation: You do something useful for society and very possibly meet like-minded people. Environmental organizations, human rights, health associations, animal shelters… Whatever you are interested in, you can take action to join.

It is easy to meet like-minded people if you follow an activity that you are passionate about. That’s where you can find people who have the same aims and aspirations. Volunteering feels social and rewarding.

Meetup groups


Even if like-minded people are not very easy to find through your daily life, there are some practical ways to connect similar people. Joining meetup groups is one of them. Those groups are organized to get people who have similar interests and hobbies together.

Social media and internet apps, just like Urbansurf, are quite useful when you want to be a part of a meetup group. The connections begin online, but it gets real through regular meetings and events. In contemporary life, we do not have much time to scroll around. With this in mind, using an online meetup channel is very useful in terms of finding people with similar interests.

Meet like-minded people on social media

meet like minded people

Other than online meetup groups, social media by itself serves as a good way of getting people together if you use it actively enough. There are many websites and channels that you can share your interests and ideas and attract like-minded people. For example, many friendships are established through Twitter.

You can also initiate a blog if you have time and a specific topic to write. Or you can comment on the ones whose ideas you find interesting so that you can make new friends just by sharing your opinions and interests.

There are many ways to meet like-minded people if you know what kind of topics you are interested in and what kind of people you want to have in your life. With a little bit of sociability, it is a simple matter to get like-minded friends.

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