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(English) Traveling In A Van: 10 Useful Tips

[:en]Living in a van is a dream way to live. It is exciting, no doubt. And, traveling in a van requires the adventurers to make a good plan.

I use Instagram for inspiration and find out many travelers who buy a caravan or design their van to live in it. They are breathtaking and inspiring. I am not a traveler in a van, but that’s the dream. So, I decided to collect the most useful tips about traveling in a van.

What to know before traveling in a van

Here is my collection. Please help me enrich this list with your experience or ideas.

1- Know that you will have a small space to live

Traveling in a van is suitable for those who can feel comfortable in a small space. Do you feel claustrophobic unless you have a large space? You will share the van with your travel partner, and the van will be your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and everything. Do not expect total comfort.

2- Find the best route for driving

The best thing about traveling in a van is freedom because you can take your bed wherever you want as long as you can reach this place on wheels. You don’t need to wait for the transportation schedule or pay for the tickets. These are the pros of traveling in a van. But, this freedom will be more enjoyable when you find the best route for driving. Make sure that you know the parking spots for your van in all the destinations on your route. And ask yourself this question: Are the roads you plan to go suitable for driving a van? Consider the details.

3- Taking a shower can be an issue

There are vans with portable showers, but they don’t offer total comfort. Or your van may not even have a shower. So how can we solve this problem? Lakes, rivers, sea, or beach showers are the most convenient alternatives to clean your body. However, you won’t find them everywhere. You can also check if there is a public swimming pool around.

4- And the toilet…

Vans have a toilet, but as far as I find out on online research, people do not prefer using it. You know, it can smell bad. Besides, it is not always easy to clean these portable toilets. So, you can keep the toilet in the van for emergencies and use the public toilets instead.

traveling in a van

5- Give your partner some private space and time

If you are traveling in a van, you are probably not alone. Because you and your partner in this adventure will be sharing a small space for a while, you may need some time to spend by yourself. Ask for privacy and offer your partner the same, too.

7- Remember fuel prices vary in different countries

You will spend money on fuel during your van adventure. If you are going to travel in a van within the borders of your own country, you probably know about the prices, but remember that fuel prices change from country to country. In case when your travel plan covers different countries, you need to learn about fuel prices.

8- Be aware of the options such as ferry

When you travel in a van, you often need to drive. After a while, driving can be tiring and boring. So do not miss the chance to take a ferryboat. You will enjoy the sea view and gain time. These options will enrich your experience, and you will be able to stay on the road while having a rest.

traveling in a van

9- Hitchhikers will love you

During your travel in a van, you will get to know other people. Invite them for a cup of coffee to your van. Especially hitchhikers will adore your adventure. If possible, accept them in your van and meet people with similar interests. Sharing experiences may inspire not only them both also you for further adventures.

10- Traveling in a van can be your lifestyle

You may start your travel in a van for a short period, but you can even consider living in a van. Yes, it is not for free, and if you are not extremely rich, you will need to work. You can be a digital nomad or you can save a good amount of money to take a career break. Take your short travel seriously and make your long-term decisions.

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